Instant Exchange Service - Overview and Terms & Conditions

Energy Generator Sales Ltd ('EGS') are offering an "Instant Exchange" service for our customers on the following products:

  • Honda EU10i Petrol & LPG Inverter Generators - bought after 24th February, 2020
  • Honda EU22i Petrol & LPG Inverter Generators - bought after 24th February, 2020
  • Honda EU30is Petrol & LPG Inverter Generators - bought after 24th February, 2020
  • Honda EU70is Petrol & LPG Inverter Generators - bought after 24th February, 2020
  • All Champion Inverter Generators - bought after 20th June, 2021



Our "Instant Exchange" service is included in the product purchase price, and gives extended cover provided by EGS, above and beyond the standard domestic warranty offered by the manufacturer, for a period of 12 months. In general terms, if your product arrives faulty or damaged, or develops a mechanical failure not related to misuse, overuse or accidental damage and within the parameters of the manufacturer's standard non-commercial warranty, EGS will arrange to have the product collected, and a brand new replacement sent out, within 48 hrs of initial customer contact.

'Damaged' Product

We will only provide an "Instant Exchange" if the product has incurred damage before or during delivery. Damage to the packaging is not covered by this offer. If the generator has been used (oil, fuel added or switched on) then we cannot provide an Instant Exchange for damage related issues. We strongly urge customers to fully inspect product packaging before signing for the delivery as this may indicate a damaged product. If you discover that the product is damaged on delivery, you must refuse the delivery and notify EGS straight away. We will then send out a replacement generator immediately.

'Faulty' Product

We would deem a product faulty if the product is not operating as designed based on mechanical failure not caused by misuse, overuse or accidental damage. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Damage caused by neglecting to carry out periodic maintenance as specified in the Owner’s manual.
  • Damage to the engine caused by repairs or maintenance using methods not approved by the manufacturer. 
  • Any damage from the use of non-genuine parts, accessories, non-specified lubricants, liquid agents and fuel; plus, damage that results from operating methods other than those covered in the Owner’s manual.
  • Fuel system damage or engine performance problems resulting from contaminated fuel due to poor storage.
    • "Overuse" - Our Instant Exchange service covers domestic usage only. If your generator is showing hours that average more than 4hrs per day from time of purchase, we would class this as commercial usage and could not offer the Instant Exchange Service.

Proof of fault

EGS will have to determine the cause of fault before providing a replacement product. We will take the following course of action:

  1. Telephone discussion with the customer who will try to describe the fault verbally.
  2. Emailed photographs of the product to attempt to explain the fault visually.
  3. Product returned to EGS for inspection.

Only once EGS have ascertained that the product is faulty and has suffered a mechanical failure can we send out a replacement product. If we suspect the product has suffered from misuse, overuse or accidental damage, we will not be able to offer an Instant Exchange. We will however offer our full support with repairs and replacement parts.

EGS cannot send out a replacement product until they have proof that the fault was not caused by misuse, overuse or accidental damage. If we have to inspect the product at our workshop and it does not meet the mechanical failure requirements, the customer shall be liable for collection and delivery charges of their product.

Replacement Products

The replacement product provided by EGS will be like-for-like and brand new. This replacement product will also be covered in our Instant Exchange service.

Option to repair or replace parts

If the product is damaged or faulty, and the customer wishes to repair the product themselves, EGS will send out replacement parts and provide technical support free of charge. This service is not in addition to the Instant Exchange service.


EGS has the right to withdrawn this service at any point in time, and does not need to notify existing or new customers.