Servicing and Maintenance

Like any machine, your generator needs to be maintained to ensure that it delivers power when you need it most. Energy Generators offer several maintenance packages at great prices, with benefits that you won't find anywhere else.

With our base in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, we can reach large parts of Southern England within a few hours - including Central London, Birmingham, Oxford and Milton Keynes. Our team are highly trained and carry top quality testing equipment and spare parts to keep your generator in tip-top condition.

Generator maintenance contract with load testing


Annual and 6-month servicing

You wouldn't (or shouldn't!) go longer than a year without servicing your car, and that goes for your generator as well - even if it doesn't run for many hours throughout the year. A regular 6 month service interval will ensure that your generator remains reliable and ready for use when you need it. An annual service is the minimum that we recommend, and as is standard in the industry, we can't offer our emergency call-out service if your generator is not serviced at least annually.

Generator Minor Service (6 monthly)
  • Visual canopy check
  • Visual control panel check for any fault codes
  • Inspect control panel wiring and other generator wiring
  • Check engine water jacket & battery charger are working correctly
  • Check oil & coolant levels, top up if required.
  • Inspect radiator & exhaust system
  • Check fuel tank & bund, drain if necessary.
  • Inspect fuel content
  • Run generator to normal operating temperature
  • Inspect belts
Generator Major Service (6 monthly)
  • All of above plus
  • Replace Air Filter
  • Replace fuel filters
  • Drain & replace oil and oil Filter. Safe discard of used oil
  • Check Fuel Pre-Filter for water, drain if required

24/7 Maintenance Plan

  • 24hr 365 days a year on call engineer
  • Call out times as low as 1hr
  • WebNet remote monitoring available
  • Replacement generator available if required

Load Bank testing 

As part of a service or as a standalone procedure, Energy Generators can offer customers a load bank test on their generator. The equipment used to conduct a load bank test produces artificial loads on the generator by bringing the engine to an appropriate operating temperature and pressure level. This is especially important for standby and emergency generator sets that do not run very often and/or may not be exposed to carrying heavy loads on a frequent basis.  The general rule is - if your generator is not exposed to higher than 30% of its rated kW load then you should be considering a load test.

A generator that goes for long periods without a load bank test (if run at sub-optimum levels) will almost certainly gather a build up of carbon deposits which clog up the engine and can cause serious damage. A regular load bank test will clear these deposits, as well as highlighting any other areas where the generator needs attention.

There are many reasons that generators should undergo a load bank test on an annual or bi-annual basis, including the following:

  • Verifies the gensets capabilities opposed to just routinely starting it up
  • Problems discovered early can be significantly less expensive and prevents future major issues
  • Helps to avoid wet-stacking and cleans out carbon deposits
  • Verifies the engine cooling systems will perform while under load
  • Provides assurance that the genset should work properly when you need it most

Emergency call out - 24/7, 365 days a year

Our central location means that for the majority of our clients we offer a 2-4 hour emergency call-out service, which can include us bringing along a backup generator should we not be able to fix the issue.

Most backup generators rarely get used, and without regular servicing and checks they can generate problems instead of power! Of course we recommend that your generator is regularly checked and serviced, but we also offer packages that include us being on your doorstep with a replacement generator in the blink of an eye. Our engineer will attempt to fix your generator in the first instance, but if it's something that can't be fixed straight away, they will hook-up our replacement generator and that will stay with you for as long as is required.

Emergency Generator Breakdown Repair & Replacement


Our basic emergency call out and maintenance contract includes:

  • 24 hour call outs 365 days a year
  • On-site repairs where possible
  • Annual generator service
  • Full generator test (including load bank testing, emissions, lubricants, alternator and electrics)

Our premium emergency call out and maintenance contract includes:

  • Everything in our basic contract, plus
  • Replacement generator for non-resolvable faults


Every maintenance contract is tailored to individual requirements. The cost of your maintenance contract depends on your location, generator make and usage, plus the level of cover you require. A quick phone call with a member of our team will allow us to provide you with a bespoke quote very quickly.

Energy Generators will price match any generator we sell, and we're consistently cheapest for generator hire across the country, so we're certain that our quote for maintaining your generator will be more than competitive.