Energy Group Customer Complaints Policy

It is Energy Group’s (Energy Generator Hire Ltd, Energy Generator Sales Ltd, Energy Haulage Ltd) policy to handle complaints as part of the overall strategy to satisfy the needs of customers using our services. Expressions of dissatisfaction will be considered as important as complaints and plans put in place to remedy the service.

  1. Complaints will be handled:
    • Confidentially
    • Fairly
    • Promptly
  2. Staff will endeavour to:
    • Be courteous to the complainant 
    • Respond positively 
    • Offer constructive solutions 
  3. Formal written complaints will be:
    • Recorded 
    • Acknowledged within 14 days 
    • Notified to Senior Management 
  4. The complaints procedure will be:
    • Publicly displayed on Energy Groups three main websites
    • Monitored regularly as per our BSI ISO 9001 Quality Management System 
    • Reviewed and evaluated periodically as per our BSI ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  5. Anonymous Feedback from customers or word of mouth:
    • Will be analysed 
    • Discussed with the Divisional Manager
    • Discussed with the Managing Director
    • Corrective action implemented where appropriate
    • Monitored 

Submitting complaints or feedback

To submit your complaint or feedback confidentially to the Energy Group, please send an email with releavant information to customerservice@energygeneratorsales.co.uk