FG Wilson Service & Repair Centre

Energy Generators are an approved FG Wilson sales, service & repair centre. Our highly trained team undertake all types of servicing and repairs on FG Wilson generators for customers across the country.

We can send out our fully equipped support vehicle to undertake repairs or services at your location. Our technicians are highly trained by FG Wilson, and with our own hire fleet containing over 100 FG Wilson units, there really isn't anything they don't know about these excellent generators.

How long does a service or repair take to complete?

There are many variables when servicing or repairing generators, and we can't really give you an exact time, but we ask our customers to allow half a working day where possible to complete a service or repair. If we think it might take longer we'll let you know as early as we possibly can. If we have to diagnose a problem on site, there is no guarantee we will have the parts required to fix the generator on the same day.

How much does it cost to have my generator serviced?

All customers need to call our team on 0800 170 7047 for a price, or you can send an enquiry using the form on this page. We charge, on average, 20% less than most generator repair and service centres based on hourly rates. Please note that total price will include travel times, parts and service/repair labour.

Our technicians are some of the most experienced and knowledgable FG Wilson experts in the UK, so we offer peace of mind and fantastic value for money.

How often does my generator need to be serviced?

FG Wilson recommend that all of their generators receive a major service every 12 months or 500 hours - whichever comes soonest - plus an interim/minor service every other 6 months. Not only does this mean that your generator will run optimally and be ready when you need it, but it also ensures that your generator remains under any manufacturer guarantee.

What does a generator service involve?

Our trained technicians will replace all plugs, filters and oil during a service. They will also test and inspect your generator, identifying any potential future problems or required repairs. 

If your generator needs a Load Bank test you will be informed by the technician. Load Bank tests are vital to the performance of your generator and should be run at every annual service.


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